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Date & time Feb 10 '18
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Dortmund star Royce is close to FIFA Coins return to the stadium, Dortmund coach Stowells said Royce will play when the game by Royce himself. Stogel told The Photo newspaper: "I feel like Royce is in good shape at the moment, and he will at least be able to get to the big list during the weekend against Hamburg, where he decides when to play.

According to "Photo newspaper" message, in the training on Wednesday, Royce in good condition, he can not wait to return to the stadium.

However, it is reported that Royce's physician Strobel suggested that Royce back in the away game against Mendy next week.

At the same time, Stoker talks about Reus's renewal question: "Both I and my successor, of course, hope that Royce will stay in Dortmund."

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