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Date & time Feb 17 '18
Creator Henery Thomas

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If someone cheapest wow gold challenged you to name a wiki, you'd probably start by pointing out that it's not much of a challenge. Then you'd shrug and say "Wikipedia".

Almost absurdly prominent on the web, Wikipedia has taught us everything we think we need to know about wikis: pools of knowledge, contributed to and edited by their users, a push and pull of information that's constantly in flux. Often they benefit from the wisdom of crowds; occasionally they suffer from the stupidity of individuals. But that process of negotiating what satirist Stephen Colbert once termed "wikiality" ("a reality we can agree on") has started to bring together huge communities of people dedicated to amassing knowledge bases.

But what all these wikis have in common is the proactive diligence of the contributors, and surprisingly high visitor numbers helped in many cases by the high Google rankings Wikia has managed to achieve. "Shows of Peel's are coming up all the time from people who've stumbled across the wiki," says Lodge, "shows that we thought we'd never hear."

Visitors engage wiki resources in many different ways, according to Craig Palmer. But from the end users all the way up to the wiki admins, it's a more complex social structure than on most social media sites and it's one that the entertainment industry is keen to tap into. Companies such as Warner have already been developing links to Wikia communities as part of their PR drives.

"When communities look for everything there is to know about a subject," says Betka, "it creates a beautiful structure for people to collaborate around. Because it's about being positive, comprehensive and accurate. The underlying principle is the pursuit of knowledge." And, crucially, wikis know no snobbery; from Adele to Zoroastrianism, and pretty much all points in between.

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