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Date & time Feb 20 '18
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A new cheapest wow gold addition to the Lego line oflicensedvideo games may not elicit much excitement. After issuing Wars, Batman and Indiana Jones branded properties, the series has hit a comfortable stride, but has offered little in the way of a grand reinvention. Yet take it for a spin on Nintendo newly released dual screen handheld 3DS and a good platform game becomes an engrossing one.

The latest update to Nintendo handheld line offers the promise of 3 D without glasses, and yes, it delivers. By using a 3 D technology that, simply speaking, delivers a different set of pixels to each of the gamer eyes, the 3DS ($249.99) adds a level of texture to well worn formulas. When it works, even time tested names such as Lego Star Wars feel like something wholly new and inviting.

That in itself is a major achievement, as the proliferation of mobile devices has made handheld gaming something of a cheaply available commodity. Shelling out $250 for a device and one with a rather dreadful battery life of about three hours is a lot to ask of the consumer when Angry Birds can be had for a couple bucks. Additionally, like the Wii and previous DSiterationsbefore it, Nintendo forgoes top of the line graphics and processing power in terms of innovation.

To be sure, the 3DS top screen resolution at800 x 240 pixels (400 x 240 pixels in 3 D mode) is a huge step up from older DS models, which topped off at 256 x 192 pixels, but Sony upcoming NGP will outpace the 3DS in nearly every category, including a stylus free touch screen. Yet the 3DS experience puts uniqueness ahead of horsepower, and it was a gamble that largely worked for the Wii, even if it took developers a while to catch on. Though introduced back in 2006, the last year has offered some of the Wii innovative games, such as Kirby Epic Yarn, Epic Mickey and Super Mario Galaxy 2.

Expect, perhaps, a similar growth period for the 3DS, which has launched without a Zelda or Mario must have game. Additionally, when it comes to 3 D, each user experience may vary slightly. For me, it took about 20 or 25 minutes to adjust to the images, but the period was shortened with subsequent use of the system. One 45 minute session did create some eye fatigue, and Nintendo encourages users to take a break every 20 or 30 minutes. Each game also comes with a warning that it should not be played by anyone under the age of 7.

Yet a 3 D allows users to control the depth of 3 D and find a comfort level. Rarely, however, could I keep it at max. In some games, such as Pilot Wings Resort, I settled for a minimal 3 D effect, as 3D at full blast created a stereogram sensation in that so much as a blink of the eye would result in instant blur. Don be discouraged, though, since byallowing users to customize the level of depth, the 3DS avoids any potential headaches.

What remains to be seen, however, is how developers make use of the effect. A game such asSuper Street Fighter IV is a joy to watch with some 3 D, but can easily live without it and still be a worthwhile experience. Likewise,tactilesubmarine game Steel Diver, which uses the 3DS movement sensitivegyroscopeability, at times played better without any 3 D, which requires head on viewing. A verdict on whether the effect is used simply to add depth to the environment or if it becomes integral to gameplay perhaps 3 D only segments will have to wait.

Super Street Fighter IV is largely hailed as the system strongest launch title, and the benefit of 3 D allows the game to appeal beyond its core audience. Yet the fluidity of Ridge Racer 3D was a pleasant surprise, as were the textured worlds of Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars, both of which constantly reward gamers with new locales. A more timid experience can be had with Pilotwings Resort, although I found the 3 D a little shaky in it. Though most gamers may find it rather slow, the tactical options in Steel Diver give it plenty of depth, even if it works best without 3 D. Yet if one simply wants to wait for more of a blockbuster title, the 3DS is backward compatible for all DS games, of which plenty great ones can be had at a bargain, and theaugmentedreality features alone will be enough to show off the machine.

Images, from top: Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars (LucasArts); Pilotwings Resort (Nintendo); An augmented reality dragon (Nintendo); Super Street Fighter IV (Capcom)

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