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Date & time Feb 21 '18
Ardenvoir, WA
Creator Henery Thomas

Who's attending


Cameron buy cheap wow gold Barry Face it, your dads a crook. What attorney do you know has a MY SPACE Grow Up!!!!

(From Immaculate) My son graduated from Immaculate and had Mrs Nadeau for a teacher and she was by far one of the more caring teachers Immaculate has ever had. She was caring and willing to go above and beyond to help a student and even went as far as tutoring those who could not get what they needed from the day time teachers.(For the Blind Parents)The one whose children don't do any wrong, Its people like you who will try to fuck someone in order to get ahead. I am sure if the Diocese had someting against her they would have done something by now, look at the priests, all their sexual abuses came out. When Miss Nadeau left Immaculate they lost one of the best teachers there. She was a great coach and teacher. Maybe your child was sleeping in class too? Oh yeah thats right, your child does no wrong.

Boston Babe Or SLUT perhaps You should contact Mr. Barry if you have something against Ms. Nadeau, he may have something up his sleeve. You are an ass too. She is a nasty person and I'm sure this is only the tip of the iceberg. Only difference is at Immaculate the Diocese kept her abuses toward students quiet. Public high school is a little different, its the taxpayers money paying her salary, not the diocese! Alan Barry should get a medal for helping out this student, he probably has been mentally abused by this teacher since Spetember! Screw her to the wall, she deserves it! "Bring it on!"

Both my kids had Miss Nadeau at IHS, they LEARNED and found her fair and one of the few teachers that truly give a shitz about kids. Either way you have a problem with her to bad

Cameron Barry wrote:

This is pretty hilarious, scary, and illegible at times. Hilarious, are the people making grossly inaccurate assumptions about the details of this case which they couldn't possibly have the capacity to know anything about, nor the life of the child involved.

Claims like "it must have been the Ipod," and people endlessly insisting that the crux of the issue is the child being irresponsible and sleeping during class. Pretty hilarious, but maybe not, the level of idiocy and presumption throughout this thread probably falls into the scary category more so than the hilarious one.

Teacher slams hand on desk>> boy ear hurt. Blood on pillow>> result of bleeding ear. SOMEHOW I'm thinking this has nothing to do with the music(if at all, seeing as how none of us know anything about the kid's listening habits) he listens to and how loudly he listens to it.

Being a graduate of DHS, I can safely say that it is a wonderful school, and I certainly enjoyed the time I had there, and never had any serious qualms with any of the teachers. While I do not personally know the teacher involved in this incident, I'm sure as many of her supporters have said that her intent was not to hurt the child, rather simply to awaken him.

However as many readers have been on about, this case has absolutely nothing to do with the irresponsibility of the student, or the ineptitude of the parents. It has nothing at all to do my father's usage of the word "wizard" and certainly not whatever tax issues he has which one or more contributors of this thread mysteriously and pathetically felt inclined to bring to light. It only pertains to the fact that the teacher used unnecessary and violent force which caused possibly permanent and irreversible hearing damage.

It is not illegal to sleep during class people, but being violent, and injuring a child IS. It doesn't even take an "ambulance chasing snake" lawyer to understand that.

I agree that today's judicial system, and the introduction of increasingly frivolous and ungrounded suits is a serious problem, and reforms must be made. However, this is not such a case.

I am sure Mrs. Nadeau is a well meaning and probably talented educator who never intended to harm the student, but she did, and the appropriate course must be taken.

I'd like to close with my favorite quote that a history teacher from DHS shared with me, because I feel like much of what I said will be falling on deaf ears and thus relevant to this quote.

"Never argue with an idiot; they'll bring you down to their level, and beat you with experience."

I see the apple does not fall to far from the tree!!

Both my kids had Miss Nadeau at IHS, they LEARNED and found her fair and one of the few teachers that truly give a shitz about kids. Either way you have a problem with her to bad

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