Wenger hit 45 million to buy Lyon front tyrants


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Last year's summer window transfer period, Arsenal break the team history signings record, spent 52 million pounds into Lazate, I hope the French striker to regain the elegance of Henry. However, half a season has passed, Rakazette did not show the strength and worth in line. In the previous North London Derby, Rakazette's poor performance was Arsenal fans attacked. In Liverpool legend Steve - Nicole, Rakazette has no future in Arsenal.

In fact, Rakazette's position in the Arsenal team more embarrassing. In the winter window, which had just ended, Arsenal sent Sanchez and received two reinforcements by Makhtali and Aubameyang. In terms of fame, strength or tacit understanding with Makhta Tarah, Aubameyang are the best of both worlds. Recently in an interview, had played for Liverpool's legendary right back Nicole said that Rakazette should move away Arsenal.

"I think it's easy enough. If you are Rakazat, will you stay in Arsenal?"

"You've just joined the club for half a season and they've introduced Aubameyang from Doherty, is not the team suggesting you, we value Auburn Young and you have no future in Arsenal."

"It was too unfair to Rakazette, who had not given him several chances and Rakazat had never played in an important game before the start of the season and six months later, Arsenal bought it Aubameyang, so that Lazatez sit back and bench, this feeling is really bad enough. "

"In my opinion, Lacazette has no future in Arsenal and if he wants to continue his football career, the only way is to leave Arsenal to join the other teams .Whether he plays in Arsenal, how long he Should leave, in fact, he also only effective for six months, and now everything is too late. "

Arsenal have quickly locked the target after Chelsea joined Giroud. According to "Daily Mail" reported, Wenger hopes to introduce Lyon's top scorer Fei Jier this summer. This season, Fickir is very dazzling in Lyon. League played 22 times already 16 goals plus 6 assists, can be described as very efficient. Lacak Zeit this season debut Premiership, but the performance was slightly disappointed, scored only 26 league games nine goals. Arsene Wenger hoped to reinvigorate the former French Golden Boots https://www.facebook.com/LOLGA.INC/ by bringing Fijiquier back into chemical reaction with Rakazat (similar to Makhtaliang and Aubameyang). It is reported that Wenger is ready to spend 45 million pounds won this outstanding shooter.

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