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Date & time Mar 4
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In a regular season ended NBA MT Coins today, Cavaliers home to 97-108 defeat to 76 people. The game, Knight player LeBron - James played 39 minutes, 12 of 24 shots, get 30 points, 9 rebounds and 8 assists. After the match, James interviewed in the locker room.

James first praised the 76 rookie Ben - Simmons performance, the game, Simmons played 32 minutes, 14-of-8, 18 points, 9 rebounds and 8 assists.

"He (Simons) can bring things to the team similar to me, strength, speed, agility, vision, etc., he and I are very similar," James said.

Subsequently, James talked about the performance of the game team.

"It was a tough defeat and it was up to a couple of rounds at the crucial moment, and we chased the points to only one point, but the opponent then hit three points and we did not score in the next turn, Kyle (Korver) scored a layup chance, but unfortunately lost, and then Joel - En Rib hit two men's defensive hit a jumper, jerseys, points difference was pulled to 6 points The game is basically over, "James said.

"But we worked hard, we accept this defeat frankly.We now need to solve some of the team problems, the team has four new aid needs integration, the rotation of the squad there are some problems, the problem appears in the first quarter okay , But difficult to remedy in the fourth quarter. "James continued.

After the game, Knight made 36-25, ranking third in the east.

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