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Juventus boss Allegri hinted that he might have given Deborah, Higuain and Douglas-Costa together, but stressed "pressure on Tottenham."

In the first leg match between the two sides, the two teams battle 2-2. Beijing 03:45 on March 8 at 03:45, the Champions League 16 times the second leg of the contest, the Bianconeri will be guest England challenge Tottenham. Manjucci, Bernardi, Kokudrado and Heweides (no application for the Champions League knockout) can not play, but Dybala and Higuain should be ready for the starting lineup. As the new stadium is still under construction, Tottenham home games this season held at Wembley Stadium.

Allegri at the pre-game press conference said: "Higuain and Dibala can both play, Higuain has participated in two days of training, so he is ready to play, we can be deployed Dibara has been fully recovered, as we have seen against Lazio, and tomorrow is such an important game that they all want to be involved, even if they are not at 100%. Douglas Costa also had a good chance of playing They can play together or not, I have only three strikers, so some of them have to start, maybe I'll move a midfielder! Of course, we do not want to play overtime tomorrow Because we have very few people on the bench now. "

"I do not know how Tottenham fought, but given the results of the first round, they are under even greater pressure because they are the favorites to make the cut, and for us it's like a final to recall the first leg of the contest , We've made too many mistakes and given them the opportunity so we have to technically play better to get the ball back from them and stop them from passing it.This is not a technical or tactical issue but a requirement We cleanly and control the ball in passing, and we have to stay in the game, make fewer mistakes and catch them when the opportunity arises. "

"In a sense, last Saturday's match against Lazio was a good training session because the game was very balanced and full of physical confrontation with few scoring opportunities, and finally, Dibara grabbed it well I expect there will be more room for tomorrow's race, but we have to be very careful on the defensive. We have to have better control of the ball, which is not easy. In 2016 against Bayern Munich, we Players who have more defensive backs, but now these players are not the same characteristics. "

Subsequently, Allegri was asked whether Tottenham and Naples have similarities, but Uncle Uncle think so. "The Naples center is very short and Kane is two meters tall so it's different ... I have not trained both teams so it's best to ask for Pochettino and Surrey."

Allegri coach Cagliari has worked with guard Astori, Florence captain died in his sleep on Sunday. "At the football level, I saw Astori growing up so I put him in my heart and I think we've talked a lot so it's best to be silent now.We are with his family, especially Is his daughter, she was only 2 years old, never had a real chance to know her dad.

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