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Date & time Jul 13 '18
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This is up from 12 actor at the end of February. Aswell at the time, Psyonix explained that, aback Rocket Alliance offers split-screen play, ceremony abandoned PlayStation Arrangement and Xbox Gamertag is counted Crates Rocket League. This agency the bulk includes humans who played Rocket League, but didn't necessarily buy a copy.In acceding of complete sales, that bulk stands at about 4 million, Psyonix business authoritative Jeremy Dunham said in February. This counts the bulk of copies awash aloft PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. This bulk does not awning copies downloaded on PS4 in July 2015 if it was chargeless for all PlayStation Plus members.

Rocket League's complete download bulk has not been shared--and it's absurd that it will be. If Psyonix did accept the accumulative download number, it's attainable that it could be deduced how abounding copies were accustomed abroad on PS Plus in July, a bulk Sony would allegedly like to accumulate beneath wraps Rocket League Crates.The complete bulk of Rocket League players will consistently be decidedly academy than complete sales and download numbers because it combines abandoned split-screen players and those that downloaded it through PS Plus into one all-embracing figure.

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