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jordan Jan 17 '17
The Women Jordans 2017 has the Jumpman icon mainly along the side, near the mustache of the shoes. The only variation is the color of the icon itself which can be anything from black, white, or in the case of Red Velvet – what appears to be golden yellow. Since there are just too many Air Jordan 11 colorways over the years, it would be hard to go over them one by one. Just to remind you though: one of the best colorways following this silhouette is the “Bred” which boasts of a combination of black, red, and just a hint of white. We are kind of hoping that Bred will be part of the new releases for this year 2017. The non-traditional material upgrade makes for a lifestyle release perfect for any occasion. The only problem is, this Air Jordan 11 Heiress will only go up to a size 9.5 in men's. The red velvet-like appearance is also accented with Metallic Gold pendant branding on the Jumpman logo and "23" PE heel branding, and the overall offering won't come cheap.
All in all, the New Jordans 2016 line is packed with iconic colorways that were released over the years. Using primarily solid shades of color and declining to place sophisticated texture and depth to the shoes – Nike managed to create something timeless. There are rumors that the Red Velvet is also due for release. This particular Air Jordan 11 colorway makes use of wine red coloring for the upper with a texture that appears to be velvet. The midsole is a study of basic white with the outsole making use of the same red wine coloring. Essentially a lifestyle-inclined iteration of the iconic basketball sneaker, the model is defined a premium material construction consisting of nubuck, leather and velvet across its entire upper. The vibrant red hue is complemented with accents of metallic gold via branding to further exude its luxurious makeup. Finally, a crisp white midsole unit and maroon translucent outsole finishes off the overall profile.
Jordans 2017, Last released back in 2001. The Air Jordan 11 Low comes dressed in White and University Blue. Featuring a clean White leather upper with University Blue patent leather around the base of the upper. Completing the shoe is a White midsole and an icy translucent outsole. We now take a closer look at the Jordan Brand MLK Day PE Collection that includes the Air Jordan XXX1, CP3.X, Extra.Fly, Melo M13 and the Super.Fly 5 PO. Each shoe features a "Triple Black" color scheme. The Jordan Brand athletes wearing the collection on MLK Day includes Carmelo Anthony, D.J. Augustine, Bismack Biyombo, Monta Ellis, Jeff Green, Joe Johnson, Frank Kaminisky, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, Greg Monroe, Victor Oladipo, Jabari Parker, Chris Paul, Otto Porter, Noah Vonleh, Kemba Walker, Russell Westbrook, James Young and Cody Zeller.
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