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Abbey Pendleton Nov 13 '17
This year, almost out of the blue, brought O.J. Simpson back into the spotlight. There was the FX miniseries about the murder trial, a knife surfacingthat might have been linked to the crimeand the growing recognition that he could be released from his current prisonsentence next year.It all raised the question: In 2016, how on earth is America still obse sed with O.J.?Watch ESPNs five-part documentary, O.J.: Made In America."At some point in Saturdays two-hour first installment, you William Jackson Jersey ll slowly say, Oh, yeah, thats why."MORE: Will O.J. confe s?| Unearthed knife not murder weapon ESPN is promoting it as "the defining cultural tale of modern America,"and it does have every element and highlights every wart very graphically in some cases. (It includes crime-scene photos from the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman, and viewers almost surely will not be ready to see them.)But most adults know tons about the crime, although i sues central to it and on the periphery come to the fore here, too. Its how O.J. got there, and why it mattered that it was him, that grips the audience and doesnt let go.By now, youd have to be in your 50s to remember him as an NFL superstar, and as a barrier-breaking commercial endorser, and as a TV and movie presence. All of that followed the two years in which he became a national figure in college football, back when college football was even bigger than it is now and at Hollywoods favorite program, USC.Youd also have to be that age to track the evolution of racial tension in Los Angeles involving the police, where that fit into the growing civil rights movement, where that intersected with sports and entertainment, where that all addre sed white and black identity and where the great O.J. Simpsonfit into all of it.Or, if he did. Or if he knew exactly where he did. Jeremy Hill Jersey Those are the threads director Ezra Edelman pulls together for this undertaking. As he said on a conference call this week, he understood that Simpsons story as so many Americans know it today as the central figure of the celebrity trial of the century could not be told without digging deep into all the elements that formed America in the second half of the century, and the elements that made Simpson the celebrity he was.PHOTOS: The O.J. we thought he was In the two-plus years since he started the project, Edelman said, the length of it grew and shrank over time, but never the scope. In fact, he said, when the target length was discu sed, he remembered thinking, If Id only had five hours, I might not have talked about the murder. And that wouldve been fine with me."The finished product puts the construction of the Simpson persona into sharp focus. One sharp example: O.J.s Heisman-winning season of 1968 and the pomp surrounding it led Jeff Driskel Jersey by, in one case, Bob Hope juxtaposed with everything else that happened that year (the a sa sinations of Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy, the Tommie Smith-John Carlos Olympic protest, the ongoing campus anti-war protests).The extensive research uncovered how he grew up, in San Francisco, and neighborhood and family dynamics he clearly, we know how, went to great lengths to keep from the public.It also deconstructed the legendary Hertz advertising campaign, from beginning to end and stripped to its core practically frame-by-frame, and revealed even more not only about what O.J. wanted to be, but what this country badly needed him to be.Plus, the world of black America that was swirling outside his universe literally outside the walls of USCs south-Central LAcampus, for starters played out in ways that would become pivotal in his story even while he was keeping it at arm's length, for reasons he was never shy about stating.It answers nearly every question Carlos Dunlap Jersey a newcomer to the Simpson saga say, someone who became aware of him because of the trial, or because of his NFL broadcasting career or the Naked Gun movies might have had. It answers a bunch of them in that very first episode.MORE: O.J. in movies, TV shows And once you watch those first two hours, youre starved for all the rest. There is a lot left, because Edelman includes the principals in his life every step of the way, and footage either long-buried or previously unseen that buries you in detail that fills in the gaps but never feels like too much.Thats hard to do for a 7 1/2-hour undertaking. Its nece sary, though. Once you see it, youll never again ask why O.J. is such a big deal.Which is good, because theres no sign that hell ever stop being a big deal.
cocohh Nov 14 '17
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