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Besides the Dimension of the Damned prizes and Finale rules (DoTD RuneScape) we have revealed before RuneScape gold, today we will provide you more information as it is heading your way in a few hours, such as Falador RuneScape and the ways to survive. In addition, there is plenty of RS gold for sale here.

Falador RuneScape - the place to begin Dimension of the Damned (DoTD RuneScape)With max level in all skills and some starting equipment, you will join in the DoTD RuneScape on a separate instance of the main game through special servers. You can begin your new game mode in Falador RuneScape, where is safe from zombies, and there is Zrik selling items to help you survive.

No PvP in DoTD RuneScapeIn the DoTD RuneScape, you and your friends just need to fight against the undead, and there is no PvP here.The ways to march into the FinaleIn order to survive and march into the top 1000 players, you’d better not get bitten, for catching Zombeism will sap your health. Fortunately, you can stave off the effects if before fighting you take an antidote or consume modified shrimp, which can be gotten from supply drops (3 minutes to find the crate) or in Falador.

And don’t forget you are forbidden to get in if infected.The most important is to begin your session with your HUD in-game, kill as many zombies and gain as many points as possible in an hour. Don’t lose heart if you are not in good form at first, for you can retry as many times as you want. And Jagex will keep your best score.Just remember you only have 10 days to climb the leaderboard.

And with old school runescape gold for sale, we hope you can advance into Dimension of the Damned Finale beginning onOctober 28, 2017.The mmogo Team Enjoy Mystic Cloth RuneScape & F2P Updates with Cheap RS Gold