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chen chen Jan 15 '18
Some people use the floor to warm

dealer. Sina Home: The floor of the floor for the entire floor industry, what kind of good impact? Nanyang Wood Zhongnan: I think there are several key floor conference, one is the United States market, there are some new laws and regulations in Europe there they appear, like the green sign in Europe, as our domestic industry, or have a certain impact , The point is to let us double the cost. But our sales price increase is not a good thing

for foreigners, this is no doubt. No matter how we mention, he can not do it by himself.Sina home: Do you think the real estate control policies on the flooring industry now have any greater impact? Nanyang Wood Zhongnan: It should be said that there are effects. Because the regulation of the country is a big trend, but now there is an energy-saving decoration. Rough housing For those of us manufacturing companies, I think it is a

good thing, because some of our excellent products three solid wood mixed, warm floor, and laminate flooring, these popular abroad about 50 to 70 years of home, We can create very well in our country. At present, some parquet in China is relatively low grade, including floor heating. Some people use the floor to warm, but basically, there is not a concept yet. Therefore, we think this time we took advantage of the platform of the floor

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