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chen chen Jan 22 '18
brand building the third point

companies seeking scale, and some enterprises seeking personalized, the most important thing is to find The positioning of their own businesses, while concerned about the brand building, the third point may be the increase in the proportion of fine decoration for the future of our impact, there will be some impact, fine decoration market in China to go good or bad takes time , This is a trend, but in China, such a consumer habits, the fine

decoration of the road, still have to go, or there is still a long way to go, of course, there are real estate companies which have the concept of problems, there Consumer philosophy, he is a more complex and complex issue, no matter what the proportion of China's fine decoration projects will increase year by year, as our flooring company, which should play a relatively important role, the only way The future through these aspects of the

grasp, I think our flooring industry in some of the outstanding enterprises, will gradually become bigger, made hundreds Company, is very possible. Thank you.Recently, I saw in Fenggang Akihito Industrial Park, Julong, rejuvenation, financial resources, three wood flooring business people come and go good not lively. Workshop workers put the wood on the machine, busy in the production and processing of wood flooring. It is

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