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happywork Jan 26 '18

wood achieves 36 billion yuan, induct obtain employment population 125 thousand person, net income of town dweller average per capita 15020 yuan, net income of rural dweller average outdoor pool structure with composite flooring per capita 14060 yuan. Already expanded business of of all kinds board up to now more than 4400, among them dimensions above enterprise 105, year machine lumber 25 million stere. It is a tenet in order to make division of strong core

treatment, town the eastpart part nearly buy cheap 4 ft wood garden fencing 2000 mus of land machine an area to undertake the key is run as core, professional action business, enter an enterprise to build 2 above factory building entirely, floor area is close 400 thousand square metre, built service center of industry of Linyi timber industry at the same time, the form of a Chinese character that is enterprise and government removeskerala home out side images with granites communication bridge.

2012-2017 year, lustrum, town of explore short for the Yihe River formed the whole industry chain that produces to furniture from skin coming back, numerous local born and bred company wood slats for vintage bench grows quickly, young. Press product classification, the plywood that is a delegate in order to install letter timber industry, Oriental Jin Xin 456 the home, product line many 3000, the building pattern plate that is a representing in