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happywork Jan 29 '18

clinch a deal valence is 1540 yuan / stere, relatively glide last week 30 yuan / stere. Although the price has,loosen in vain turn over a snap of the fingers to count,railing for roof top floating deck week index rises 1.31% , but what accompany and come is to shrink however quantity, week sales volume glides 16.64% , clinch a deal valence is 1420 yuan / stere. Market personage expresses, chinese lumber market is in a tradition off-season, before market

profitable effect did not wood plastic composite railing for steps come out, lumber businessman can continue to await patiently only, and grail appears in perch again at present shrink quantity, need to still insist to defend more right now politic, much more wait-and-see patience awaits an opportunity to appear. 3, index of sawn timber classification closes drop " 3 even shade " Continuance of index of sawn timber classification boat deck replacement materials glides posture closes drop " 3 even

shade " , this week closes at 1103.97 bits, annulus comparing drops 0.16% . Among them index of piscine bead sawn timber rises 0.02% ; Index of index of blessing person sawn malaysia outside wall ideas timber, big southwest sawn timber closes drop 0.07% , 0.67% . Sawn timber classifies an index to take situation picture Look on main area, as off-season atmosphere more and more add grumous, element of periphery market much air holds dominant position