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zongyi Jan 29 '18

A major advantage of laminate flooring is easy to maintain, its surface wear-resistant aluminum oxide surface so that dirt and dust completely do not touch the floor. But its basic or wood material, laminate flooring should always keep dry and clean, can not be directly rinsed with water. Strengthen the daily maintenance of the floor vacuum cleaner can be used, with a semi-dry Mop wipe,how much to charge for installing wooden fence pay attention to avoid the local long-term flooding the floor. If the floor stained with grease and dirt, to be promptly clear, it is best to use the floor with a special floor cleaning and cleaning solution to clean.

Parquet water resistance is poor, should not be wiped with a damp cloth or water, so as not to tarnish, such flooring is pretty simple to manage. Routine cleaning is a little more stressful. Wipe it with a cotton swab that has to be wrung out. If stained with stubborn stains,discount marine vinyl flooring wipe it with a mild cleaning solvent and wipe it with a cotton swab. In short, water is a fatal injury to parquet.

Bamboo flooring is a very environmentally friendly flooring, because it uses natural materials, so vulnerable to climate and humidity, some fragile,materials for exterior stair treads need careful care to extend the service life. In daily use, the floor should be cleaned regularly to keep the floor clean.

When cleaning, you can use a clean broom to clean the dust and debris, and then wring the cloth wipe dry, such as the area is too large, you can wash the cloth mop,outdoor timber decking system hongkong and then hang up to drip water for Drag the net Do not wash with water, nor with a wet cloth or mop to clean. Usually if there is water spill on the ground, should immediately dry with a dry cloth. If conditions permit, it is also possible to apply a layer of floor wax at intervals to enhance the protection of the floor. Painted surface if damaged, you can make up with ordinary varnish or the manufacturer to repair.

Although wood flooring does not involve glue in the manufacturing process, it does not produce formaldehyde and is perfect for families with sensitive people in their homes. But solid wood flooring is very fragile, is the most difficult to take care of the floor category. In order to extend the life of solid wood flooring,cost comparison solid vs grooved deck boards have to make some efforts in maintenance. Solid wood flooring does not like excessive humidity room, like dry, smooth, if there is water droplets in the above, should promptly dry with a dry cloth. In order to maintain the appearance of solid wood flooring and extend the life of the paint, need to be waxed twice a year maintenance.