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zongyi Jan 29 '18

Laminate flooring installation, should be ventilated and dry 24 hours until the glue curing before use. Use a vacuum cleaner or to wring the mop, damp cloth,pvc fence installation instructions lightly rub the floor along the direction of paving. Do not use dripping wet cloth or steam cleaner, avoid water rinse, do not use the dryer.

When removing stains on the floor surface, do not use film cleaner or sand-containing cleaner, and use chemical detergent with caution. Do not hit, hit, scored floor, or use polish,plastic composite lumber wall panel sandpaper on the floor to prevent accidental damage to the surface wear layer If accidentally sprinkle water or a variety of liquids on the floor, wipe dry as soon as possible.

When you go out should pay attention to water, close the window, so as to avoid accidental flooding, rain. When the indoor humidity is below or reaches 40%,fence weave privacy fence inserts humidification measures should be taken. When the indoor humidity reaches 100%, it should be ventilated and wetted. Table and chair feet best fitted felt pad,picture using decking for edging walking office chair should be installed soft walking round. Do not focus on heavy furniture, and move the floor, the furniture should be lifted, do not push and pull directly on the wooden floor.