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zongyi Jan 30 '18

Regularly maintain indoor ventilation, both to make the floor of the chemical volatile as much as possible, discharged to the outdoors,Environmental Protection WPC Deck Supplier but also make indoor humid air and outdoor exchange. Especially in long-term uninhabited, maintenance, indoor ventilation is more important. Common practice is: often open the windows or doors, the air convection, or the use of air conditioning and ventilation systems, creating a dry and clean indoor environment.


During daily use, the floor should be cleaned regularly to keep the floor clean. When cleaning, you can use a clean broom to clean the dust and debris, and then wring the cloth wipe dry,teak wood for sale such as the area is too large, you can wash the cloth mop, and then hang up to drip water for Drag the net Do not wash with water, nor with a wet cloth or mop to clean. Usually if there is water spill on the ground, should immediately dry with a dry cloth.


When walking on solid wood oak wood floor, should try to wear cloth slippers, the best barefoot. To the furniture, "feet" are affixed to the soft end of the protective pad to avoid furniture "foot" scratch hardwood oak wood floor wear layer,spiced teak composite decking do not let heavy objects smashed wear layer. Can not use sandpaper, sander, steel brush, strong cleaning powder or metal tools to clean solid oak wood flooring. If the cats at home, to find ways to solve the destruction of cat's claws.


Special stains such as grease, paint and ink can be wiped with special scouring oil; stains such as blood stains, fruit juices, red wine and beer may be wiped with a damp cloth or cloth with an appropriate amount of solid wood oak wood floor cleaner; wax and chewing gum Put the ice cubes on them for a while,teak wood guest house let them freeze and shrink, then gently scrape them off and then wipe them with a damp cloth or cloth with a damp cloth and an appropriate amount of solid wood oak wood floor cleaner. In short, do not use strong acid and alkali liquid clean solid oak wood flooring.