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liuer Jan 31
Outdoor Decoration - PVC Fence 

 pvc fence advantage 1, without paint and maintenance, attaching a chain link fence to a pvc fence Changxin not old, eliminating the fatigue and trouble of maintenance, integrated into a low. Production and installation is simple and quick, improve installation efficiency, variety specifications, you can choose a variety of shapes. 2, safety, environmental protection, harmless to humans (livestock), white pvc fence sales ireland even if there is no intention to touch the fence will not be like steel, iron fence that hurt. Fence lined with galvanized lining steel or aluminum alloy to enhance, with sufficient strength and impact resistance, so that the PVC fence both the strength of steel and PVC appearance. 3, the use of special formula and special UV absorbers, do not fade, no yellow, no peeling, no cracking, no blistering, no insects, the service life of up to 30 years. pvc fence application 1, the garden courtyard building, precisely because of the pvc fence specifications, in the decoration of our gardens and courtyards will be very beautiful, as pvc outdoor performance is relatively stable so it is not used to decorate the heart of any safety issues. pvc fence post installation 2, road guardrail, road railing in real life is often used in many different freeways and the middle of the road used to separate traffic or pedestrians. 3, lawn and flower bed fence, in order to ensure the beauty of the district and to protect the flowers and trees,pvc fence panelsthe use of pvc fence can increase the appearance and play a protective role.