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designauckland Feb 1 '18

The IT course says that is a misconception that UX is parallel to UI. The basic element is that the user experience, remains affected by the user interface, but it not based on the user interface. Here, we reveal out some more factors that say UX is not purely UI.

    The user interaction

The web has the capability to make the people interact with it. Before the existence of social networking sites, there were forum sites and blog commenting section, which renders one to one interaction. Everyone can give their opinion and allow others to interact with it. Talking about Mobile UI UX design Aucklandthen, the online principle, engagements with the user, and interaction play crucial role. This section of the website, make the design impressive and interactive.

    The usability

To come out with effective design, the usability plays the great role. The smooth navigation makes the user feel easy to go, which enhances the user experience and the functionality of your website. The user always wants to dig out information, and in digging out information, if the user finds your site heavy, then your quality content doesn’t matter to him. To make your user navigate your site, heed on the navigation bar, headers, footers, sidebars, tags, categories are to be highly attractive. But the fascination should not be at the cost of friendliness. There ought to be the proper balance in Mobile UI UX design Auckland

    The essence of Creativity

The creativity is not only in the background colors, font style, and in size of the buttons, but the real creativity lies under the structure of the content and its architecture. The good presentation of UI design Bangkok is always a key factor to attract the massive amount of user. At the same time, you need to be heedful with your creativity. It should be easy to understand.

    The Branding

The designing does not contribute to the use of complementary colors and striking elements. It is all the about the theme idea that you provide for branding your product and service. The designing and branding both contribute in leaving an impact in the user’s mind. The UX design London should carry your identity and it should be showcased in the manner that when the user thinks your site, he/she quickly jumps on your identity.

    The consistency

The penultimate, the factor that makes the user experience good or bad is the consistency in the layout and design of your website. The layout for every page should be same. You make it so by placing navigation on the bottom side of every page and logo on left side of every page. Giving the same layout, ease user in creating the mental map and make them more familiar with the website. The impressive use of graphic design can be a good choice to capture audience eyes.

The user interface is the big factor and no one can deny it, but user experience also shares a big plot. To make your website work in a true manner, you need to work in the combination of the both the factors. You can deliver the essence of comfort to establish great relationships with a user.