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happywork Feb 1 '18

to Chinese particieboard industry can rise to move action to demonstrative belt.. China lives in industrial green to supply catenary alliance to carry out cost of plastic railroad ties chairman Qian Xiaoyu to also express, the complete put into production of this project also was made for allied enterprise " develop green to make in coordination " example. Big inferior Kangbainian tells vice president of man-made board group the reporter: "In light of whole,

domestic man-made board the veranda high performance decking market can appear superfluous, among them very big reason is environmental protection does not amount to mark, technology low end, lean fake too much; should go to the small manufacturer that low case competition lives 2017 a few large product line centralized go into operation 2019, the extruding that forms pair of photos of corrugated plastic sheets design ideas markets quickly. the extruding that forms pair of markets quickly..

before the staff member to be placed in Dong Hui village. "Want to shut this to approve young timber processing factory, not easy! " refer demolishs the job,composite deck conditioning the village that became 10 30 years appoint director Yang Rongshou says, 4 processing factories, they run, sitting is most day, talk about policy do manual work to make, final ability promises to cooperate to demolish. Of processing factory of wood of every wife and