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happywork Feb 2 '18

forest products of Russian two countries has very strong complementary sex in, answer to strengthen the deepness of joint development and range further. plastic mesh netting material used for outdoor decorations Regard Russia lumber as the far east area of rich collect, process capability and product are add the promotion of the value, still mean the integral promotion of region economy. In fact, level of economic society progress is long-term

the far east area under average composite decking stain level of Russia whole nation, be tried to take seriously by Russia already. Be a target in order to promote the whole nation comprehensive strength in its " far east is developed greatly " in the strategy, of need is an advanced technique to economy carry brace up. Forestry cooperates drive the effect to be shown already. According best putty to use with composite decking to Chinese Department of

Commerce 2016 statistic, our country establishs forestry to invest an enterprise outside the condition 882, among them Russia has 395 companies, occupy 44.8% , can molded wood composite all panel interior door be stained the platoon is in the 1st; Invest 2.25 billion dollar actually, occupy 58.1% . And in Russia is onshore the geographical condition of border on, more make lumber carries land of the home in becoming to open port development to help