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happywork Feb 6 '18

18-20cm of diameter of bird sufficient rosewood, long 1.2m signs up for 1.35-1.65 10 thousand yuan / ton, diametical 20-30cm, long 2-2.5m signs up for 1.6-1.8 10 thousand yuan / ton. weather resistance composite decking yemen Jump over card rosewood short makings, 18-20cm of long 1.2m, diameter signs up for 8500-11000 yuan / ton. Diametical 20-30cm, long 2-2.5m signs up for 1.4-1.5 10 thousand yuan / ton. Smooth. cling to in yellow

wingceltis (common says to spend details for roofs with composite wood panelsa branch) although market attention is spent taller, but the market has valence not to have city feature unusually apparent also, end on December 15, shenzhen watchs billows cling to in Fang of 15-20cm of yellow wingceltis diameter, long 2-2.5m, essence signs up for 3.1-3.3 10 thousand / ton, diametical 20-30cm, long 2-2.5m recycled plastic deck boards for sale signs up for 3.2-3.8 10

thousand yuan / ton. Fang of diametical 30-40cm, long 2-2.5m, essence signs up for 5-5.5 10 thousand yuan / ton. Other material plants southeast Asia respect, garden fence panel cost as we have learned, although the drop off of project order, market of outdoors gardens lumber clinchs a deal to also begin occurrence atrophy posture, although be on the price,keep pineapple case, Shan Zhang, Gan Ba stable as before,