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Mary Feb 7 '18

To help you save money on interest charges paid on your credit card debt, you should look at paying off your highest interest rate cards first. Making minimum payments on all of the other credit cards and then put any extra money which you have towards the highest interest rate card. Australia Cards Magic Puzzles Cube Online Store Once your highest interest rate card is paid off, then focus all the money previously put towards the highest rate card towards your second-highest rate card.Put any additional money which you received from bonuses toward your credit card debt.

The third part of this article will focus upon how you can save on interest-rate charges on your credit card debt. This method of paying off the high rate cards first is also called the Snowball Method because as you move through the months, more and more money will be put toward principal instead of paying interest. This will speed up the process of eliminating your credit card debt.Finding and Using Good Credit Cards. Cube Toy Fidget Magic Cube Australia Wholesale When you are looking at your credit card debt, you should know what your balances are on different cards as well as the different interest rates. If you have available credit on some of your lower interest rate cards, look into doing a balance transfer on these from your higher interest rate cards.

This will allow you to save money on your interest-rate charges every month which you can further apply towards your principal, thus paying down your credit card debt. The final part of this article will focus upon 0% percent credit card.This will pay down credit card debt more quickly. AU Cards Against Humanity Card/Party Games Wholesale Hopefully this article on credit card debt has given you some insight into how you can save money on interest-rate and finance charges every month as well as how you can pay the card off more quickly by budgeting and saving on charges.Good luck and get moving!