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chen chen Feb 28
how the quality of its production

wood flooring and then sold through the store to the hands of ordinary consumers, the actual price has risen more than 150 yuan / square meter, some timber prices even turned several times. In other words, just a "card", which profits soared several times. Because of this, many well-known brand wooden flooring not only engage in their own OEM card, but also under the various dealers also go up and down, have big play OEM, big

money black heart. A floor manager said in an interview, in the flooring industry, many brand-name flooring companies although they have established their own production base, but due to production constraints, unable to meet the sales requirements, they do not want to invest more to expand Production scale, order to produce some small factory OEM floor. As for the quality of these OEM wood flooring like real brand promotion, only

God knows! Because a factory's production process can not be easily changed, it is impossible to have a big brand under the order, its quality of production will be a qualitative leap, "how the quality of its production, what is it now," the floor Quality is hard to guarantee. Therefore, consumers choose to buy the floor, we must choose a strong, independent production capacity of the manufacturers, from the production address on the

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