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happywork Mar 1 '18

platoon to check punish lumber to process a business Recently, town of Anhui aunt what reachs circumjacent lumber processing factory to pressing down region completely composite decking for terrace (furniture factory) begin platoon of safe hidden trouble to check rectify and reform special operation. Inspection team group goes to the company of estate of Yun peak timber that joins 1000 villages deep, the factory

of all of day abundant home of 5 couplet village, hoover fence calculator dark amounted to and other places of office furniture factory to have a key special inspection. Inspection team emphasis checked responsibility of main body of each enterprise safety to whether be fulfilled, whether is equipment of fire control put out a fire deployed all ready, whether can use what already deployed normally, material for outdoor porch deck electric

circuit is normative inside workshop. Check this, checked whole town lumber to machine a place in all 7 place, on the spot make known to lower levels rectifies and reform advice planter hardware kit pricing note 4, ask company within a definite time is rectified and reform, instruct the company stop production that is kept in bigger hidden trouble to rectify and reform, check and accept eligible and rear recoverable