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zongyi Mar 2 '18

1, the use of three or five years if the individual wear, can be used locally to make up, that is, re-add the coating at the local, the method is very simple, gently wear the sandpaper to clean,http://cartereteducationassociation.org%3Epvc%20fire%20decking%20for%20sale%3C/...erature,%3Ca%20href=" http:="" cartereteducationassociation.org="" diy-deck="" 4462.html'="">recycled materials for fencing

 so as not to burn the surface film. At the same time should try to avoid direct sunlight for a long time the floor, so as to avoid long-term intense ultraviolet radiation coating, premature chapped and aging.

3, floor installation 24 hours after the furniture can be placed on the floor, within 24 hours to minimize staff walking on it. When you are away from home, please close the window, the door, especially the faucet,vinyl teak flooring for boats reviews so as to avoid rain and dripping water soaking the floor.

4, cork flooring maintenance than other wooden floors easier, in the course of the use, it is best to avoid the grit brought indoors, with a few sand into, it will not wear the floor. Because the sand is pressed into the elastic layer of the foot after it is brought in, when the foot leaves, it will be ejected again. Of course, here to remind, should not be too dirty into too much sand, so there will still be mobile wear and tear, therefore,plastic for floor in patio brought into the house of sand should be promptly removed, generally do not need to be equipped with vacuum cleaners, do not have to worry about humidity will warp, mildew, etc. phenomenon.

5, maintenance of wood flooring, shall not be washed with water, polished or clean with detergent. Hard to clean the place with a special cleaner to remove. To avoid a strong impact on the floor,best mold resistant decking carrying furniture to move forward for the benefit, can not be directly dragged, furniture legs need cushion.