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happywork Mar 3

plank product finishs fragrance river enter a country On November 1 8:46, peaceful fragrance river examines quarantine bureau finishs first entering a country ornamental wood plastic deck the careful odd discharged of plank works, make a goods that involves discharged of sheet of the 2nd batch of executive careful of the whole nation below discharged new pattern. According to statistic. Peaceful fragrance river

port finished plank, food and price of outdoor interlocking tiles sheet of careful of commodity of illegal be careful in one's conduct to connect that day close discharged 94 batches. Before mode of executive careful odd discharged, plank of every batches of entrances examines quarantine flow makes an appointment with 1.6 days on average, plank of batch of the entrance in was not being smoked are smoked 48x80 inch panel slab flooring to examine after

carrying out quarantine flow makes an appointment with 20 minutes on average, examine quarantine is connected close time limit to shorten greatly. Peaceful fragrance river bureau flooring choices for second story considers to simplify according to the requirement examine quarantine flow is specific measure, increase propagandist strength, inform an enterprise of relevant circumstance for a short while, carry out had