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zongyi Mar 5 '18

If you accidentally spilled water on the solid wood floor, even a little, but also promptly wipe with a soft cloth, keep dry, so as not to promote the luster, and even cause warping,review of ikea floor decking cracking and mildew. Do not throw untouched cigarette butts or match sticks, or other items, on the ground, and do not rub dust and dirt on the ground with gasoline to prevent static electricity from being generated and thus cause a fire.

Do not wear shoes with nails to the solid wood floor to walk, some rough, bulky and relatively high hardness items, can not be directly on the solid wood flooring to prevent scratches,wood alternative fencing materials in which case, it should be repaired in a timely manner. If it is the general dirt left by water-soluble substances, you can first wipe the dust off, then use a soft cloth dipped in thick tea to wipe. For those who do not understand the chemical properties of detergents,cover up railroad tie retaining wall but also not free to use, so as to avoid some unnecessary chemical reaction caused by floor damage.

Once in a while to play a wax, the time interval with the floor finish to paint. The method is to first clean the floor with a semi-dry rag and wax,hurricane resistant wood fence for sale apply evenly to the floor surface and "saturate" it. Wipe it back and forth with a soft cloth until it is smooth and clear.

After three or five years, you can paint the floor with the same kind of paint, paint the floor again. Remember to do a good job in the dust before the paint, and should pay attention to should use a little bit of water scrub paper,metal decking fence panels dip a little warm water, the floor surface gently polished again in order to wear the above residual oil, and then wipe with a clean rag , So that you can paint on it.