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zongyi Mar 5

1, it is taboo to clean directly with a wet mop wipe, should use special oak floor cleaner for cleaning, so that oak floor to maintain the natural color, and can prevent wood cracking. To avoid excessive moisture penetration into the inside of the oak wood floor,Outdoor Fence For Sale use oak floor cleaner to minimize excess moisture and wipe the mop. In addition, after cleaning the oak wood floor waxing, the best choice of spray waxing agent, easy to play the wax evenly.

2, we use the process of daily life, we should always clean the oak floor, keep the ground clean and sanitary. When cleaning, you can use a clean broom to clean the dust and debris, and then wring the wipe manually wipe the cloth, if the area is too large,difference between maple hard and composite wood you can wash the cloth mop, and then hung up to drip water for Drag the net Remember not to use a wet rag or mop to clean, not even as cleaning tiles directly with water. Usually if there is water spill on the ground, should immediately dry with a dry cloth.

3, to maintain regular indoor ventilation, both oak floor chemicals can be as volatile as possible, discharged to the outdoors, but also can make indoor humid air and outdoor exchange. Common practice is: often open the windows or doors, the air convection,prima seal waterproofing singapore price or the use of air conditioning and ventilation systems, creating a dry and clean indoor environment. In the long-term no-one living, maintenance of the situation, indoor ventilation is even more important.

4, in the daily use of the process, should avoid the impact of hard objects on the oak floor, metal friction, sharp cutlery and so on. Chemicals can not be stored indoors. Indoor furniture in handling,plastic wood panel decorative moving should be handled with care, furniture, feet should be put rubber skin and so on. Public places, should be covered in the main channel carpets and so on.

5, the sun will accelerate the aging of the paint and glue, but also cause oak floor shrinkage and cracking. Moisture rain, the oak floor to absorb moisture caused by expansion and deformation,eco friendly deck patio material sale but also serious oak floor moldy. Therefore, in daily use should pay special attention to avoid sun exposure and rain wet.

6, if you want to avoid the long-term wear and tear on the oak wood floor, long wooden oak floor to keep bright luster, it is necessary to oak floor cleaning and then a layer of wood oak floor wax care agent. It should be noted that, must wait for wood oak floor completely dry before waxing, so wax layer can not be completely attached to the wood oak floor, but the wood oak floor a little bit of white spot.