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zongyi Mar 5

Purchase of reinforced flooring geometry can meet the standard requirements. When we use the floor of the process or out of the box after a certain period of time, the floor to absorb moisture will be re-balanced,Outdoor Waterproof WPC Decking the moisture content of the floor may have high moisture content on one side, low moisture content on one side, the floor The amount of expansion will change, so easily lead to the length of the two long sides of the floor are not equal, so that the floor ends of the triangular gap, in serious cases, the wooden floor may also be side scoliosis situation.

If the floor health is not handled properly, the following conditions may occur: 1, after the installation of laminate flooring without the triangular seam,swimming pool composite decking but after a period of use occurred; 2, the test, the triangular slit on both sides of the water content The same; 3, the floor opened, the moisture-proof membrane of the floor has been sticky with waterproof tape.

Reinforced floor installation, the moisture-proof membrane at the junction did not use waterproof tape to paste tight, which appeared on one side of the floor in the moisture-proof membrane on the other side of the damp-proof membrane connections. Because the damp-proof membrane is not connected to the waterproof tape to the sticky,wood and acrylic fence panels in hong kong easy to let moisture into, leading to the side of the floor longer, resulting in the length of the floor of the two long sides are not equal to the end of the floor produced Triangle seam.

Ventilation at the damp-proof membrane junction caused one-sided expansion: 1. Triangular seams were not found after the floor was installed,water resistant flooring for porch but found after some time of use. 2. The moisture content on both sides of the floor slab was not the same. Generally, the difference 2% or more; 3, open the floor after the discovery of moisture-proof membrane did not use waterproof tape to sticky.

How to solve the problem? If the above problems occur, we need to pay attention to the purchase of moisture-proof membrane paste, and the usual installation of wooden floor, we must also pay attention to place the wooden floor. The above problems, roughly because we did not handle the details,wood composite in trinidad and tobago and only when we buy and use a lot of intentions, we can avoid such problems.