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zongyi Mar 6 '18

Floor Maintenance Knowledge: Surface paint cracking repair treatment. Floor cracks appear small cracks, in severe cases, causing the film peeling. Due to the floor by the sun over the storm or long-term wind,Environmental Protection Decking For Sale floor drying shrinkage caused the film cracking.

The solution: a small amount of people can be appropriate paint, waxing. In severe cases, the paint can only be polished. The method is very simple, first gently rub the abrasion with sandpaper, remove the dirt,solid wood plastic floors to garden then wipe clean with a dry cloth, re-do the coating, or paste the polyester film on the line. Knowledge of floor maintenance: cracking of the floor plank repair. For the floor has been cracking lighter conditions may need to use some mixture to fill the cracks in the floor; if the cracking is more serious, the only way to solve is to replace the already cracked parts,wood plastic composite home depot consumers can contact the manufacturer to buy the required models to make up repair.

Knowledge of floor maintenance: gap repair between floors. The gap between the floor more than 2MM, the need for maintenance treatment, dry shrinkage of less than 2MM do not need maintenance, since autumn and winter will be restored to normal. Seriously, the floor all open,composite deck tiles toronto depending on the circumstances and part of the floor resurfacing replacement, still need to reserve expansion joints, to prevent moisture expansion of the floor.

Knowledge of floor maintenance: crack repair the floor in no hurry. In the autumn, the wood flooring cracking due to seasonal reasons, is a more common and normal phenomenon. Because the air in the autumn is relatively dry, the cracking of the wooden floor is caused by the gradual evaporation of the water. At this time,composite fence panel wholesaler the water is still volatilized after being repaired, so it is still possible to crack again. Therefore, the more serious autumn floor cracking problems that can be slightly delayed repair time, do not hurry to repair.