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zongyi Mar 6 '18

surface construction floor

today Xiaobian share with you plastic flooring laying points for attention, for large plastic flooring installation reference 1. Welding machines and equipment should be prepared. 2, the plastic floor surface construction, indoor relative humidity is not greater than 80%.

3, the weld shall be connected to cable between the rubbing part, sealing off should be welding, weld the convex part should be smooth. 4. When the skirting board is paved, a piece of soft plate should be welded at the corner of the horizontal corner, and then be made into a positive angle component,

and then welded or bonded. 5, plastic skirting tiles, should be the first plastic nails in the wall of the reserved block, nail from about 40 to 50cm, and then use the torch baking spray plastic strip, then the baseboard and plastic bonding. 6, soft plastic board pasted at the grassroots level,

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