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zongyi Mar 6 '18

In the pavement should be before the wood floor pavement unit to confirm whether there is room for damp source (indoor damp source may be new building floor cement is not dry,Outdoor Waterproof WPC Decking bathroom and kitchen under the new cement floor water vapor leakage, balcony outside the door And inter-indoor or external wall seepage water, villas underground water vapor invasion and pre-drainage pipes, air conditioning pipe, sewer leakage, etc.) and take appropriate and effective measures to isolate water vapor intrusion,ultra low cost polyol material the key areas of isolation is the kitchen, bathroom, Floor at the junction of the room, you must use waterproof material to make moisture isolation.

Paving well still need to pay attention to open the window ventilation, especially the bottom, there is a window of the room. National and industry standards require that air humidity above 70% must be wetted to avoid potential water vapor damage. Floor is a natural material products,timber tiles outdoor singapore the use of a small gap, warping, discoloration is normal. A small amount of floor noise, burst paint or crack paint, cracking is difficult to completely avoid.

From the responsibility and obligations, moisture isolation works should be implemented by the decorating company, if the wood flooring is also decorated by the company pavement,plastic wood decking cost germiston then the problem of responsibility in the future is very clear. However, if the pavement by the floor plant is responsible for, then the factory should confirm that the indoor moisture barrier has been done to pavement, and vice versa should also be reminded of obligations, the best written confirmation. Otherwise,wood terrace decking kits cost once a dispute arises, it is difficult to distinguish the responsibility, and ultimately it will be consumers who suffer.