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happywork Mar 6 '18

717 of task detailed list particular jobs are nodded undertook the spot is checked, discovery among them select an existence environment issue 92 times.Outside Benches Plans With Back The dot of existence problem in, pollute 22 when weather lash-up answers again, furnace of coal fired pannikin washs out 20 when transform, industrial business did not fulfil 17 when ask without constituent punish, 11 when dirt of raise of construction building site manages, blame industry pollutes 7 of the problem, experience is enraged " messy corrupt " the

company is integrated 3 of punish,Strong Lightweight Waterproof Panels volatile organic matter (VOCs) processing, blowdown exceeding bid or did not carry out super- low discharge a standard, treat corrupt establishment moves out of order, did not install treat corrupt 2 each of establishment, strip mine hill is integrated licence of blowdown of industry of punish, key explain get, Best Bridge Decking Materials gas station is special company of punish,

industry is other experience 1 each of air pollution problem. Particular case is as follows: One, partial enterprise did not fulfil meet an urgent need of Plastic Composite Swing Sets heavy pollution weather beforehand case, even the enterprise still is in production. Superintend and director is checked group selective examination " 2+26 " the city pollutes weather lash-up 277 times to answer particular job to nod again