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While buy cheap wow gold no one was hurt, this is the latest in a string of disturbing incidents involving doors opening in tunnels.

Wesley D.

"There is no reason this should be happening, and someone is going to get hurt."

Until now, all the reports had involved eight car trains. Metro's internal investigations indicate the operators forgot they had eight cars behind them, thinking they had the usual six. They stopped too short on the platform, so doors on the last car opened in the tunnel.

Metro managers have tried to correct this through various reminders to the operators about how long their trains are.

But this latest incident was the first reported that involves a six car train. Could the operator have thought it was a four car train? This does not inspire confidence.

The operator has been placed on leave pending the outcome of Metro's investigation, Metro spokesman Steven Taubenkibel said.

Wilson described the scene in car 4017 this way:

"The doors were open for about 15 seconds, so no one (including me) had the presence of mind to jump for the intercom which would have been the smart thing to do in case some one had stepped out. The operator closed the doors and moved on up to the platform, and resumed business as normal. The my car happened not to be very full . but if it was, or had kids, tourists, etc., someone easily could have stepped out."

Passengers on the other trains where the doors opened said almost exactly the same thing about their responses. And it's easy to picture: The train is stopped. You hear the sound of the doors opening as usual. And it only gradually sinks in that you're still in the tunnel.

Rarely do the passengers go to the train intercom. But as Wilson suggests, somebody could get left behind in one of these incidents. And so far, there's no reason to believe there won't be a repeat. Make sure somebody gets to the intercom to report what happened. Or should we leash ourselves together to ensure eveyone's accounted for when the train reaches the platform?

It would also be an inconvenience to riders to have a passenger accidentally walk out into a tunnel, doubtlessly shutting Metro down for the remainder of the day for the resulting "investigation" into why the trains are being driven by incompetent morons.

For once, they should be proactive, instead of reactive.

Maybe they need to hang a tennis ball on string from the station roof pull train up to tennis ball, stop train. The reason is that it would be an inconvenience to riders and an admission that Metro can't do something really basic:"

I think not making all the trains stop in a uniform place is 'an admission that Metro can't do something really basic'.

How is it inconvenient for riders to know where the train is going to stop every time? Seems to me like that's the most convenient.

For example: what if the southbound trains at Smithsonian always pulled to the very front of the platform? The crowds of tourists pouring off the escalators at the back would be running two car lengths to get on a 6 car train. Or Gallery Place, the Shady Grove bound trains most people wait at the back end of the platform, close to two of three entrances and the green line. I've seen a 6 car train pull up to the front, and it was not pretty.

I don't know what the solution is, but I sure hope it's not that. Gridlock: Dan, Metro's automatic train controls have not been able to bring trains in for the precise landings you see at BART stations. It's a good system they have out in California and seems to limit crowding on the platforms. It would be great if we could have that, too.

And you're right about those small signs near the tracks indicating stopping points for different size trains. But if the operator can't remember how long the train is and that's been the case in all the internal reviews so far then the markers are useless.

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