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zongyi Mar 7

In summer, it is necessary to ventilate regularly, especially in a room where there is no living room. Archiving and curling are most likely to occur in rooms that are vacant for a long time,ecotech timber boards waterproof so be sure to check and ventilate regularly. Should keep the floor dry and clean, do not allow mop with drip mop the floor, or with alkaline water, soapy water to avoid damaging the paint surface gloss.

If the surface of the board inadvertently stained with stains should be promptly removed, if stained with oil can be dipped in warm water and a small amount of detergent scrub,composite with deck plans malaga if the drug or paint, must be removed before the stain does not penetrate the wood surface to avoid damage to the floor. Avoid using wet mop cloth every day to benefit once a week, wipe the ground must be wringing water. Shop floor with wood floor dust should try to use the vacuum cleaner to clean.

Slippers worn during the summer bath should not be worn in rooms with wooden floors. Slippers through a period of time, the soles will wear, take a bath will be sucked into a lot of water,vinyl fence with existing wood posts after bathing to wear slippers into the room with wooden floor will make the wooden floor after absorbing the water inside the slipper bag, curling phenomenon.

When it is raining in the summer, the window should be closed when no one in the shop floor is covered with wood flooring to avoid unnecessary loss of rain and water on the floor. Sauna hot and humid weather,wpc pergola manufacturer in dubai easy to arching the floor, then the air conditioning should be turned on the wetting function, so that the indoor humidity down to avoid arching. Found signs of arching wooden floor, be sure to promptly repair,cheap recyclable synthetic roof board price do not wait for a high wooden arch and then report repair. At the same time arched parts try not to stampede to avoid damage to the notch can not be fully restored.