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Seven true MC Michigan seven true wood plastic new choice  April, spring, but also to everyone decoration season. Home Industry also launched their latest products in , you want to know this year, the trend of household products what is it? You want to know in the cutting-edge technology and what new products come out? Hereby launched the "Spring Fresh Pretest" series of theme evaluation, to provide the most cutting-edge product information to help you catch the freshest products for the first time, close contact with product features, leading the spring fashion consumer trends! 
Home decoration Choose a good both beautiful and environmentally friendly flooring is the wish of each owner, solid wood flooring green harmless, good foot feel, noise insulation; Wusu floor gloss beautiful, heat, impact, mold, mothproof And so on, laying in the room, not only make the room appear to be more coordinated and better, and its price is lower than the solid wood flooring; WPC flooring beautiful, wear-resistant, stable, and easy installation, maintenance and so simple, consumers can according to family Need to choose the right floor. Evaluator for everyone to introduce a WPC floor, this floor for the new products, just launched soon, we may not be too familiar with, then, assessors take you to enjoy the new style. 
Evaluation products: 
FCF hunt aldehydes technology: This floor uses the FCF hunt aldehyde technology, adding FCF formaldehyde catcher in the material, can quickly capture the free formaldehyde in the floor at room temperature or low temperature, make the floor more healthy. 
. Flame Retardant Function: The wear layer on the first floor and the decorative layer on the second floor have been specially treated with flame retardant function to prevent scalding and ironing of heat sources such as cigarette butts, matches and so on, so as to prolong the floor durable.