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Flooring is another important indicator of floor performance. In order to demonstrate the waterproof performance of this floor, the evaluators made a small test. Pour a small amount of water into the splice of the two floors and wipe it clean after five minutes.

As can be seen, the floor surface did not change the slightest, the floor joints did not see signs of moisture and water seepage. The details are in place The edge of each plate is polished very smooth, no glitches and bumps, you can see the details of this floor is in place. wear: about to times more than ordinary paint floor. Beautiful: available computer simulation of a variety of wood patterns and colors. Stable: completely broke up the original wood tissue, undermining the anisotropy and wetting and drying shrinkage characteristics, the size is very stable, especially suitable for floor heating system room. In addition, there are impact, antistatic, pollution-resistant, light-resistant, resistant to cigarette burning, easy installation, easy maintenance.Seven real JC gray teak wood plastic flooring to create a fun little space;Soaring house prices, many young people are now more than small apartment dwelling preference. Although the small size of the small space some more, but if you Fanfan mind, small size decoration will look more compact, exquisite, exquisite and unique charm. But not all of the building materials are suitable for small apartment decoration! Do you want to pick out the texture floor size brand suitable for that one? Do you want to choose a stylish multi-functional cloakroom for your small home? Evaluation Center hereby launch the "Secret small apartment building materials; series of theme evaluation, teach you how to choose small units of decoration materials, creating a fun little space, the challenge of small apartment decoration limit.