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This story is part of ESPN The Magazines Oct. Joe Dumars Jersey . 31 NBA Preview Issue. Subscribe today!San Francisco 49ersOverall: 122 Title track: 51 Ownership: 118 Coaching: 113 Players: 116 Fan relations: 122 Affordability: 117 Stadium experience: 105 Bang for the buck: 113 Change from last year: -76For a franchise with as much history and tradition as the 49ers, its hard to believe theyve sunk to this level -- dead last among 122 professional sports teams. Its the result of a lack of on-field success, the dysfunction that led to the departure of coach Jim Harbaugh (and the uninspired choice of Jim Tomsula as his replacement), and the overwhelming cost to watch it all unfold at Levis Stadium. They dropped 76 spots in last years rankings, and now, down 19 more, bottom out this year. At least now theres nowhere to go but up.Whats goodAlthough the Niners fell 12 spots in the title track category from a year ago, they still check in at No. 51, a nod to the franchises storied history -- and its record of getting back on track and finding a way to become competitive after short periods of rebuilding. Adding coach Chip Kelly gives the Niners a creative offensive mind who has a winning record at the NFL level, placing him well ahead of his predecessor. Theres an abundance of intriguing young talent on defense which, if it comes together, could turn into a dominant unit somewhere down the road.Whats badTake your pick. Aside from title track, the Niners are ranked no better than No. 105 in any of the other categories. They dropped 29 spots to No. 116 when it comes to the roster, largely because they dont have a franchise quarterback in place and lack outside receiving options to help whoever is behind center. Their fan relations and affordability are ranked worst in the NFL, with huge price tags on PSLs and season tickets garnering the opportunity to watch an offense that was among the leagues worst in 2015.Whats newThe Niners dropped a whopping 81 spots in bang for the buck, dipping all the way to No. 113. The amount of attrition the Niners have suffered over the past couple of years has left them in a rebuilding mode that doesnt match up with the cost of attending a game. After a string of three consecutive NFC Championship Game appearances, the 49ers have won a combined 13 games over the past two seasons. Paying a premium price for a winning team is to be expected. But if the product isnt good, the cost is much harder to swallow.Full rankings Cheap Swingman Pistons Jerseys . Once again Jordan Cieciwa (@FitCityJordan) and I (@LynchOnSports) go head to head in our picks. Last weekend at UFC Fight Night 32 my #TeamLynch got the best of #TeamJC by a score of 9-6. Let us know which side youre on for UFC 167 use the hashtag #TeamLynch or #TeamJC on Twitter. Ben Wallace Jersey . Wall made the comment in a speech to a Regina business crowd that included Lesnar. The U.S. wrestler and retired mixed martial artist says he was visiting his brothers farm in Saskatchewan and decided he wanted to hear what the premier had to say. . -- Bobby Ryan helped the U. Out of everyone who threw enough innings to qualify for the ERA title, no one finished with a lower average than Kyle Hendricks. And, heck, he led MLB by 31 points, which is the same as the difference between Chris Sale and Jerad Eickhoff. Hendricks might get rewarded with the National League Cy Young, but even if he doesnt, he has proven himself, a feather in the cap for everyone who has ever said its better to be a pitcher than a thrower. If you go back to the Chicago Cubs getting Hendricks from the Texas Rangers in a trade for Ryan Dempster all the way back in 2012, it wasnt just one lopsided trade that helped the Cubs to build a championship rotation.However, Hendricks 2.13 ERA is worthy of closer examination. Whenever you see any extreme data point, you should ask yourself, how likely is this to repeat? Theres no question that Hendricks has become a quality starter. Theres no question hes one of the most valuable Cubs, and indeed, one of the more valuable starting pitchers. Yet Hendricks season was at least partially the result of some extraordinary circumstances. In part, it was about Hendricks. In part, it was about everyone else around him. But its almosst impossible to imagine the same season happening again. Cheap Pistons Jerseys Authentic. To start with some little stuff: Hendricks isnt a contact pitcher, but hes also not a high-strikeout guy. He struck out batters at a rate a couple points higher than average. He also walked batters at a rate a couple points lower than average. Put the rates together and you get K-BB percentage (or K-BB%). Hendricks finished last year at 17 percent, while the average was 13 percent. That makes Hendricks compare well to frequent comp Greg Maddux, but when Maddux ran a K-BB% of 15 percent between 1992-2001, the average was 7 percent. Baseball has changed -- strikeouts are everywhere. Hendricks has a long, long way to go if he wants to be a real Maddux 2.0.Hendricks is good in part because he does get his strikeouts. Hes boosted, as well, by the fact that he limits his free passes. But just in terms of K-BB percentage, Hendricks was the same as Julio Teheran and John Lackey. Hendricks thrived because of his timing, and because so many batted balls were turned into outs. 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