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jma325 Jul 23 '16
'Why did this happen on Tuesday, so I want to sleep, I was very calm at home, because I have done fifa coin nothing good conscience, I do not go up on people, is not mine to make. 'Association FIFA suspended matter, Nadal said:' When the whole record can clearly see what is happening, but we have different views on this issue, I have to accept everything. I feel sorry for the next three FIFA notIt games can help the team at the end of FIFA 16, but I have to recognize this fact and respect the free. 'Costa said later:' I do not mean that I am an angel, and I'm not really an angel, we all know. But every football game until the first message to me, I use the same game FIFA style because this is my life experience in the field. All this is what I want to make a commitment at the end of 16 football team, but I also want to pay for all the fans and the FIFA 16 team at the end of all the ups and downs of the FIFA game. This is my nature, and I'm always full of competition, as long as I can play this way. But when the next field, and I was the same person, the thing does not change. I would like to emphasize once again, you can watch the video, and how you think it would be nice to sleep in peace, because I knew I was not harmful. 'When asked if he is seen as violent FIFAer a lot of fans, and the response of Costa:' I do not look at my other players, FIFA, that hurt sometimes? In fact, never, I do not hurt other FIFAer unintentionally hurt others think of FIFA. I admit that I have been involved in disputes and conflicts on the very floor, playing in Spain, where he has a lot, but this is my style of play. 'I do not, because of the suspension of FIFA handicap game to change the style of play, and will always be loyal to the team at the end of 16, FIFA and the FIFA game I did not put one hundred per centoe I l' I never did online. Some people just violent footballer, it is only because our understanding of the different FIFA. In recent FIFA soccer game is the rules are allowed physical contact, but now the whole game FIFA confirm precisely every act, and I do not fifa 17 coins think it's a good development of FIFA. It affects the shot back to attack me, and we will fight in the field, and this is normal. 'FIFA fill all only play things that the field after the game and shake hands with the other guard, I have finished my course, I went home, I went home, and we're all good players for soccer FIFA, FIFA, and this is in my eyes, and 'how to play. FIFA is a sport full of fight, and I will not change my mind. 'When it comes to the English style of football, when praiseworthy Coast: a small law exacerbates the damage from blue to wait two God of fear war that boast the first to show a small law was never afraid of the next two wars Beijing on February 5 absence, as the midfielder News' Daily Telegraph 'English Chelsea Cesc Fabregas has not completely recovered from it may lose some of Chelsea and the Spanish FIFAers Aston Villa' and 'Everton' two games of FIFA, but words Mourinho Costa and lost a small law is not good news. European Cup against Liverpool, and promotion Although challenging 'Chelsea', but Mourinho FIFA convert 16 team finally have a small law Fabregas FIFA 16 colleagues from FIFA to complete the transition game, 'Manchester City' at the end of the week last, a small war that the absence of loss of blues right 1-1 draw with rivals, the end of the day, and will now five points are in agreement, even if it is good news, however, revealed the 'Daily Telegraph' 'is now a small law no signs of trauma to improve hamstringaa, and the final team will likely be expelled from FIFA 16' Aston Villa 'and Everton next two games of FIFA. small law last summer to join the 'Chelsea' now 'Premier League sent 15 assists, and two FIFA to represent the blue in the middle of the head of the semi-final against hosts Equatorial Guinea, and rented Chelsea' eat genius Sue scored twice, scored a FIFA game is another object of the suspension buy fifa 17 coins by FIFA for Apia Guinea No Yatala football pedaling goalkeeper red card Jian.
cocohh Dec 29 '17
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