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How to fix ‘HP Printer won’t print with new cartridges’ issue

There are innumerable users of HP Printers across the world. Due to its best in class quality and durability, people prefer this brand as their first priority. HP inkjet printers offer a number of ink cartridges to print the documents from the various devices like laptops, home or office computer system, phones and others. But at certain times, the cartridges tend to cause some problems. If you have also come across any such error related to cartridges of your HP Printer and don’t know the perfect solution for it, then you must take help from HP Printer customer care number 1-844-794-2515 that stays available 24 hours of the day.

Users of this brand printers encounter various issues like printer not taking printing jobs, paper jams, cartridge leaks and many more. However, some of the issues come with an instant solution that can be done by performing some troubleshooting steps. It is quite common that you have bought and inserted a new cartridge but it is not working, to fix such issue follow the mentioned methods.

Fixing HP Printer won’t print with new cartridges

Method 1: Check if the cartridges are inserted properly

·        Open your HP Printer with the help of plastic clips, remove the cartridges carefully

·        Remove the packaging tape, if any

·        Now insert the cartridges back

Method 2: Update your Printer

·        Download and install the software update according to your printer model

·        Once done, follow the instructions and perform the update

·        Try to print a test document to check if the cartridges are working

Method 3: Clean the cartridges

·        Disconnect the printer from the power supply

·        Clean any dirt or dry ink from the cartridges

·        Wipe the contacts of cartridges with a damp cotton ball

·        Let them dry and insert them back

With the help of the above-given methods, you will be able to fix the issue on your end without any flaws. If you feel dissatisfied even after doing the needful, then wasting much time, reach out to HP Printer customer service number. The team of trained and skilled technicians will help you in the resolution of the issue within a limited span of time. They deal with their valuable users very patiently.


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