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Year decline warp knitting velvet fabric auctio

Recently, due to the Lunar New Year is approaching, Polyester Fabric Market velvet fabric turnover days decreased due to the return of funds required for each part of the warp knitted velvet markdowns. Finished warp knitted cashmere material inventory stock in small quantities of different varieties pin mainly due to year-end to return the majority of business outlets funds needed winter spot prices still drop the previous month.

Recent warp knitted velvet fabric stock has dropped, some large business hours at stores large quantities of spot transactions, but the year-end small business operators locality began to close their doors, professional management of large listed stock plummeted, the overall stock market listing volume the sharp drop in the previous month, the daily turnover decline.

In recent days, 150DFDY * 150DFDY knitting rotary screen printing brushed fleece, 150DFDY * 150DDTY half shells brushed fleece knit flat screen printing spot transactions declined, but still partial batch pin, part of the old pattern library than the spot price of bulk transaction a slight concession, creative fabrics price remained deadlocked. FDY polyester raw material using high F knitted velvet weaving, knitting toys cashmere and silk with nylon, DTY Di Tansi, viscose wool knitting plush weaving, knitting short plush fabrics, such as partial still pin, stock fabric stock decline in selling prices, the price of spring fabric orders remained adhere to local creative fabrics priced slightly higher.

Recent traditional markets finished the spot market dropped significantly, the majority only in small quantities based, some small business operators have stopped shipping orders, although some large salesrooms still hanging like varieties of relatively large, but the overall amount of the spot market dropped significantly . Enterprises weaving polyester warp knitted velvet fabric still have the bulk of inventory, some weaving companies due to year-end are still required to return the funds markdowns. Traditional markets finished warp printing brush plush local spot still selling, most stock market dealers more than a drop, because some salesrooms return the funds required, the price is still down days are still small quantities of spot transactions, some of the target customers still more varieties of flowers available in bulk group turnover. Textile processing enterprises around the city due to leave by shutting down small increase, finished warp knitted printed brushed fleece price market orders steady rise.

By Year holiday has become increasingly close, target customers who withdrew from a marked increase in the spot market traditional markets dropped significantly, falling mainly in daily transactions. Crepe Fabric Market store small business operators have shut Tingxie Ye began small increase, turnover declined. Professional salesrooms intermittent spot transactions, orders shipped daily decline, warp printing brush plush significantly reduce the amount of the spot market, the orders have declined only in the local store, the market traded.


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Activity: Jan 30 '16