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The Shipping Container Toilet

The Shipping Container House toilet unit is comprised of rigid, lightweight sheet plastic, which is formed into a box-like structure and secured with nuts, bolts, and rivets. The top sheet contains an opening for placement of thetank. The top sheet may not be secured with these permanent fixtures, allowing for its easy removal to clean the tank. A lock may be placed over the top sheet to prevent its unauthorized removal.

The actual toilet tank, which is placed in this unit, is made of the same material and shaped with a flat, corrugated front wall and rounded rear wall. The upper edge of the toilet tank is formed as a peripheral flange that extends outward and downward.

The toilet tank is fitted with a cover formed of two flat semi-circular plastic sheets. The lower sheet has a peripheral edge lip that extends downward, the upper sheet has a front lip that extends downward, and the rear lip extends upward and outward to latch onto the peripheral flange of the toilet bowl. Both sheets are fitted with a central toilet opening.

A conventional toilet seat made of plastic is placed over the toilet bowl and connected to the assembly with hinges.

The seat is fitted with a pin, which pushes upward against a metal wear plate, which is secured to the bottom surface of the seat. The pin extends downward through the cover and a bracket. Under the bracket, a coil spring is placed around the pin. The upper end of the coil engages a washer fastened to the pin so that the seat maintains an upright position when not in use. (Note: Not all portable toilets are flushable. Those that are not do not contain this or the following two steps in the manufacturing process, but merely contain chemicals in the holding tank.)

A bellows-type pump is placed beneath the piston. The pump contains a spray opening and is connected to an inlet tube which is, in turn, connected to a chemical supply container. When the seat is raised, the piston will activate the pump.

The Prefab House opening is fitted with a pair of flat, plastic doors secured by hinges to bosses fastened to the bottom of the tank. These doors are connected to the toilet seat with metal links so that they are activated when the seat is lowered and raised.More information, please visit:

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Activity: Sep 7 '16