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Most people experienced this problem that when driving a three-inch Hex Washer Head  for installing something, it just broke. Fortunately, this article will provide some tips to prevent this annoying problem.

Predrill a hole for the screw could always be an effective way to prevent this this problem. It is advisable to drill down to the complete length of a screw, because if you bore only part way, you may get resistance when you driving the screw. However, since wood is a kind of natural product, there is a probability that you’ll run into a knot inside the wood, screw is not accepted in these areas. Thus, in these situations, you have to move your mounting point.

Secondly, using an impact driver to drive the screws is also a simple way to avoid the breaking problem. You know, driving the screws with a socket wrench is not an easy work, you have to use both hands to do the work. While you can install the screws with only one hand and you do not have to align yourself with the screw once you drive the screws with an impact driver.

Over tighten the lag screws will cause their breaks as well. Therefore, be remember do not over tighten the hardware. If you crank on the head once the top of the lag screw is already flat against the drywall, you may twist off the head and the thread will stuck inside the stud. So when driving the screws, turn them just until the heads touch the ceiling bracket. Once the head touched, the screws do not need to be tightened any more.

Although wipe soap or wax over the threads could make it simpler to drive the screw, it will cause rust to the threads eventually. So by taking this method, using candle wax is much suitable. What is more, in order to avoid breaking during the driving process, using high quality screws is also necessary. Usually high quality screws must have a long lifetime and is much stronger than low qualities. In addition, do not reuse lag screws. Once driven, the screw is stressed, so if you use it again, it is much easier to break. Moreover, it is also suggest that you shouldn’t install a screw by running back and forth into the wood to drive it to wood.

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