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Generally, Enameled CCA Wire stripping is something that can be achieved with ease when the right tools and techniques are used. However, there are cases where people do it wrong causing lots of damages to the wire to an extent that they cannot be reused for the purposes they were intended for. Besides, a wrong method can also cause injury to the person undertaking the task. Luckily, listed below are things to avoid when stripping copper wire, see and always keep them in mind.

When cutting or scoring the insulation, make sure that you do it with care so that you end up severing only the coating and not the fine copper strands beneath. You want to make sure that you do not end up nicking the wire when working on the case since a small damage can make the wire break with bending for a connection. Such damages can also lead to electrical faults, hence, keeping the wire underneath in perfect condition is very important.

Most people will go for the easy way out which is burning off the insulation when handling stripping. Even though melting is a method used in stripping, it is not best done through wire burning. It is a harmful way of removing insulation, to the individual and also to the environment. It indeed will achieve your purpose, but leave a messy wire behind.

Another shortcut most people opt for when stripping wire is hammering. The intention is to scatter the insulation or damage it for easy removal. This method will use up lots of time and energy. Not only this, you might end up with a badly damaged wire. And it could even be impossible to reuse the wire with this kind of removal.

Now that you know what to avoid, the better wire stripping options include using wire strippers and wire stripping machines. These are tools that are specially designed for stripping and they even come with different sized notches to handle different wire sizes. They offer you the grip that you need to easily strip down the wire for your needs. They are simple to use and do not require much energy manually or electrically. You will find manual and automated versions of the same. They offer solutions to simple projects or needs around your home and office.

The stripping machines on the other hand are designed to handle larger Electrical Cable volumes. They are easy to use and achieve the stripping in simple motions. However, most of them are electrical and are most suitable for industrial use where demand for stripping wire is huge and the time is limited. When choosing the stripping machines, you can consider your wire sizes, work volume, energy consumption, your specific needs, ease of operation, the size in relation to space available and the price. Since there are many brands and kinds in the market, you can be sure that you will find a machine that fits your needs and requirements perfectly.

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